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The Church needs leaders, and we know God is raising people to serve as pastors, evangelists, teachers, administrators and a variety other ways. New City desires to equip those who are interested in full-time ministry through a two-year intensive program. Apprentices will experience what it means to serve the wider church in a cross-cultural setting, while also being mentored by veteran missionaries in a Christ-centered, grace-based teaching that shapes our culture and compels our work.

If you are interested in testing your gifts, learning new skills and cultivating a better understanding of how the gospel is relevant to a multicultural environment while serving in a position of leadership in a multicultural church, please get in touch!


New City’s internship program is a two-month intensive program each summer that lets you experience full-time ministry while also being personally discipled through a Christ-centered, grace-based teaching that will shape your vision and mission for God’s kingdom. Through this program you will also learn how to build relationships and share the gospel cross-culturally alongside missionaries and fellow summer interns from various backgrounds and cultures.

If you would like more information about serving through either of these programs, please use the contact page to share your interest with us!