What we believe

As followers of Jesus Christ, our faith is centred upon his death and resurrection, which brings us into restored fellowship with both our Heavenly Father and new brothers and sisters from across the globe. We are a church family who seek to walk by the Spirit as we:

  1. Trust in God's promises to build His kingdom
  2. Accept personally the salvation offered in the gospel of grace
  3. Pray for guidance in our missional activities
  4. Worship God with both joy and the creative use of tradition
  5. Devote ourselves to the scriptures in preaching, teaching and daily life 
  6. Share our lives together in a reconciled community 
  7. Work for justice & mercy to the widow, fatherless, immigrant and poor
  8. Boast in our weaknesses in order to glorify God
  9. Encourage Kingdom movements both locally and globally

Let's get even more specific:

Like all Christian churches, we hold to the ‘ecumenical creeds’: the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Chalcedonian Creed and the Athanasian Creed. These four creeds were written in the early centuries of the Christian church and are statements of essential Christian beliefs,

The church body we are part of is the ‘International Presbyterian Church’ (IPC), which includes churches in England, Scotland and continental Europe. A summary of what is distinctive about IPC churches can be found here. And like other Presbyterian churches, we subscribe to the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Three Forms of Unity.

Please feel free to contact us for more questions about our beliefs as a Christian church or the Presbyterian denomination.  


New City staff


Oong Lee, Pastoral assistant

When he was three years old Oong moved with his parents to London from Seoul, South Korea. In 2013 Oong graduated with a BA in Theology from the London School of Theology, where he also met his Italian wife, Elena, who he’s been married to since 2016. Oong splits his work time between his role as pastoral assistant at New City and a project manager of, a local charity that supports the homeless and vulnerable in West London. Oong is passionate about cultivating a community under the Lordship of Christ from the various British immigrant generations, as well as the multiethnic people of London.


Marcus Gadson, Director of Outreach

Before coming to New City, Marcus spent some time as a primary school teacher and seven years serving with a South Asian ministry in West London. He received his theological education from London Seminary, graduating in 2013, and in 2014 Marcus married Bethany, who he met while doing ministry in Southall. As Director of Outreach at New City, Marcus has a desire to see the Shepherd’s Bush community know the love of God through Christ and for disciples of Jesus to have sound biblical teaching. Marcus is an avid strategician of board games and loves traveling, supporting his sports teams, watching sports entertainment, and drinking tea.


Natalie Hughes, Music director

Natalie’s favorite thing about London is how it holds people from all over the world. After interning with New City and seeing the church’s vision for the nations coming together to worship Jesus as one body, she joined the staff—first as an apprentice and now full-time—with a passionate drive for multiethnic music ministry and Christian discipleship in London. With a background in music and education, Natalie enjoys fun jingles, learning about culture, staying active and drinking coffee every day of her life.


Jason McFArland, Creative Director

Jason’s role at New City basically means he’s in charge of all things visual at the church. Before moving to London, many of his friends referred to Jason variously as “nomad,” “vagabond” and “that guy who travels too much.” And they’re not far off, since he’s called Ireland, the Netherlands, Israel, the Czech Republic and, most recently, Germany home. Before putting on his vagabond shoes, Jason graduated from Rhodes College with a degree in Art and, a few years later, a Master’s degree from Dallas Seminary. Today he’s excited to share God’s love in Shepherd’s Bush, where he can serve the Church with both his relational and artistic gifts. 


New City's apprentices are part of a two-year London-wide training program designed to develop their hearts and skills needed for cross-cultural ministry. 


Katie Caskey

Katie moved to Shepherd's Bush in the fall of 2017 to be a part of New City. Before working for the church, Katie served in ministries corralling—and loving on—14-18 year olds for two years. As New City's newest staff member Katie serves on the music worship team, works with the team of volunteers for both the Elderly Film Club and Streetlytes homeless food and film ministry at St. Stephen's, and leads Bible studies at local secondary schools. In her [obviously abundant amounts of] free time, Katie enjoys reading, running, and going to the movies, and if you truly want to make her happy, remember that kettle corn and Goldfish® are Katie’s favorite snacks!